Morgans & their owners in the midwest

Since 1994, Morgan horse owners have been gathering together in the St. Louis area to share camaraderie and promote our beloved breed. Show Me Morgan Horse Club members use their Morgans for a myriad of different activities, including trail riding, showing, historical reenactments and pleasure. But their goals are all the sameā€”to share their enthusiasm for this great American breed of horse with others.

About the Morgan horse

The Morgan horse has played an important role throughout the history of the midwest, including their work as calvary mounts and work horses for local farmers. Morgans remain popular today for their hardy work ethic, stylish, high-stepping gaits and gentle personality. Morgans excel at all styles of riding and driving, making them versatile family horses.

To find out more about Morgan horses, visit the website for the American Morgan Horse Association, or better yet, come to our next Show Me Morgan Horse Club meeting! Check our Calendar of Events for more information.