Morgans at Bridlespur

Show Me Morgan horse club has big news. We are presenting the high point Morgan at the 2020 Bridlespur Horse Show a $100.00 cash prize. The winning Morgan may enter any classes they wish. All earned points will be added and the Morgan with the highest points will receive $100.00 on Saturday night. The Bridlespur horse show is held on April 9-11 at the National Equestrian Center in Lake St. Louis. Here is a link to their website: There is also a Facebook page.

Show Me Morgan Horse Club is challenging all Morgan Clubs Internationally to support their local open shows in the same manner.

Ultra’s Play it Again CH shown by Anna Stanek in the winner’s circle at Bridlespur.
Put your Morgan in this picture with $100.00.
Ashdon’s Commando’s Topic CH show by Emily Frazier at Bridlespur.
More classes, more points, equals money.

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